cake face
i love love love my cake and orange tutu

Christensen family

the bunch

Ferrell family
i simply could not resist posting more! But not to bore you with just me and kirk here are some reception and family shots.


the clouds are amazzzzzing!

I just got my wedding pictures and... i LOVE them!! Kate did an amazing job. Its going to be so hard to pick what ones to put on here because there all soooooooo good. but here are a few of my instant favorites. iwish i could put them all up!


silver lining

I discovered some bad news the other day and its a good thing i did or i would have been in trouble! i have to add an extra class to my already HARD schedule to be ready to apply to the upper division and stay on track.. So today i went to a councilor to get my schedule figured out and found out all that i need to be doing and was told my only good news. They changed the dead line from December to May for applications for the upper division which includes: GPA of 13 required classes, shot records, finger print clearance, CPR certification, and the NET test (well actually we no longer take the NET its another new test but i cant remember what its called. This was also learned from my visit). So although i have to take another class i don't have to be worrying about all that stuff tell my much easier next semester! GO DEVILS

( I'm still lacking TWO books)


engagement pictures (wedding ones soon to come)

these are just a few of my favorites! thanks to Cindy and Mckayl we had lots of great ones to choose from. As for the wedding we were married on July 24th in the snowflake temple. i cant wait to get my wedding pictures and ones from the reception to show off not only because Mrs. Kate lines is a wonderful photographer but because i loved my reception it was gorgeous everything turned out perfect! we were so lucky we didnt get rained out!

Officially a blogger

ok this is really weird having one of these i usually love just looking at everyone elses but i guess since im now married its expected.. or it appears to be. Im still trying to figure it out so excuses my first posts shortness!