3 months and 2 days

yes its true we have been married for 3 months! its going by so fast, kirk is busy working at his new job doing auto glass (again) and im just being a nerd (literally). Midterms are officially over! i think kirk is more excited then i am. we spent all one Saturday studying (8 hr. straight) i think it about drove him crazy because he wanted to be with me but he had to be quiet (which is very hard for a Christensen) by that evening he was bouncing of the walls longing for fresh air and movement. He did how ever finish my blanket. im proud to say my mans knows how to crochet. its huge, brown and warm and i LOVE it. im glad he FINALLY got it done! this last weekend we got to go home for Kolton and Sarah's wedding! it was beautiful and we had to much fun. we had a hard time leaving and heading back to our busy lives. I honestly cant wait for the holidays to get here its what i look forward and it gets me through school!! im so excited to go to Polacca for thanksgiving, to cut down Christmas trees, to go to Hawaii for Kasey's wedding and of coarse for all the food and goodies the holidays bring ( eggnog, everything pumpkin, Grandpa Hoots biscuits and gravy etc..) oh and of course SNOW! i hope we get a lot and that we get a chance to go snow boarding! happy fall (yes even to you mom i know how much you love it)


goodwill adventures

i still want to get new handles


bitter sweet

so today i visited my academic council for a routine "check- up" and learn something i wish i had known before I started my first semester of college ( i would have done things allot different) heck knowing this the beginning of this semester would have made life a whole lot easier. come to find out my high school math credits that were not "high" enough (as told by a different councilor) for the level of math i needed (142) for the nursing program are in fact higher then the math i needed to take (they come in at a 152 level).MEANING i did not need to take math which i did last semester. MEANING i am a class ahead. MEANING i can apply to the nursing program next semester if i take 2 hard classes (+2 normal). MEANING to take these two classes together i actually have to petition the college of nursing at ASU for permission to take them at the same time (ya there that hard) - MEANING i have to fill out forms and write a "plea". talk about ANNOYING but honestly i am glad i visited a competent councilor who actually knew what he was talking about. I am really going to do it ( as of now it might just be the anger talking) it will be one crazy semester but worth it in the end ( not only in time but also money i guess that is where the sweet comes in). so i know this isnt very clear and makes little sense what it comes down to is if i would have known this earlier i would have taken different classes so i would not have to have a semsester like the one that lies ahead of me now. it would have made life simpler. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do right??? its ok though because i know kirk loves me and will support me through the blood and tears. i mean who else would shave an R in their chest? that is LOVE