Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

I have been thinking of things i might say
and have come up with 20 things for your special day
( yes i know im a day early but i think that's just how we are... just like presents, we give them early just to each other- not like were impatient or anything... just how we are.)

1. remember catching millions of little frogs and keeping them in your pool
2. remember making necklaces out of the plastic key chains we made
3. remember freezing pumpkin guts and the itchy balls from the tree
4. remember drawing on your walls with glow in the dark crayons
5. remember being Miss America for Halloween
6. remember being cheer leaders for Halloween
7. remember spring break at California
8. remember our cruise
9. remember going to Hawaii
10. remember getting chased by a crab and dropping your phone in the ocean
11. remember making ice cream in the bag
12. remember playing dress up and taking lots of pictures
13. remember playing volleyball and crying in the corner
14. remember searching for change all over your house so we could rent a room at the hotel so we could go swimming
15. remember riding your toy box lid down the stairs and crashing into Jordan's door
16. remember our "coloring book"- p.s. i still have it and we need to look through it and update!
17.remember "the rock"
18. remember going stringing
19. remember sleeping in your basement and hearing scary noises out side the window so we ran up stairs to your room and slept with the light on
20. remember how much fun we have had and think of all the adventures yet to come!

I could keep going all day about our many memories! you have always been my best friend. Im so thankful for you and all that you do. I love when we hang out, we never have a dull moment. I love how you are so nice and always cut my hair and do an amazing job, you are the best! Im so happy you are having a baby i cant wait to see her. Im so excited you moved closer to me and hope to see you ALOT more!! i hope you have an amazing BIRTHDAY !! love ya HAILEY

3rd grade

8th grade graduation


your bridal shower


Bring it on

if this is what my table looks like... imagine what i look like.
just got to make it through next week.. then all that's left is finals


sista sally

so you are now 22.... and about to get married! I am so excited to see you and get to be with you in the temple. so since your 22 im gonna tell you 22 things about you that you may have forgotten because of your old age
  1. remember going to the valley and you were in jr. high maybe even high school and you thought were born in the bank that glows blue at night?
  2. remember crawling around on the floor and eating crumbs.. but you made me taste them first.
  3. remember putting crates in the tree and just sitting in them
  4. remember playing spice girls and you were always posh or was it sporty?
  5. remember playing gypsies on the black hill
  6. remember "the ovens on"
  7. remember you got marge because you didn't say shut up for a month
  8. remember bumping in to each other one Christmas as we were both trying to peak at the presents and could not sleep
  9. remember when we shared the sun flower bed room
  10. remember when we tied strings to our bike handle bars because they were horses and we needed reigns
  11. remember singing shes in love with the boy all the time
  12. remember our awesome forts with the bathrooms in them
  13. remember when you almost ate a worm but mom wouldnt let you
  14. remember cutting all our barbies and trolls hair
  15. remember you being a camera hog and not letting me sing my songs
  16. remember widget the world watcher
  17. remember how you showed us the cats were boys
  18. remember it upindawinkle
  19. remember when you wanted to marry Andrew Coss because you wanted to have a big Christmas tree
  20. remember your Tuesday bag
  21. remember when you gave be a black eye
  22. remember being registered for high school as kasey damn
you have lead an eventful life to say the least. LOVE YA HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY KASEY!

this is pay back for the cute ones you did of me on my birthday!


The Monster Mash

This weekend kirk and I had so much fun! we started off carving our pumpkins with Kendra, Randy and Ruthie. Every year i forget how long it takes, I grew impatient so kirk had to help finish mine but they turned out pretty good i must say. oh and we made the best pumpkin seeds ever!!

Ruthie would not stick her hand in so we tried using force but she still would not budge!

my tree and kirks mummy

this is every ones, Kendra's is the witch and Randy and Ruthie's is the skull.

Next we got to watch Ruthie. It was Kendra's Birthday and they were going out on the town so we got to have a sleep over! she is the funniest little girl we love her so much! but she only loves kirk, She would only come to me when kirk was teasing her and late that night when she woke up. We had so much fun with her !

we played on the slide

this is my favorite face she makes (old man faced)! she sucks on her top lip ALL the time

Finally we went over to Kirks bother Jacobs house on Halloween for a party. we had to throw together last minute costums... kirk became and inmate and i went gangsta (and looked like a boy!)