its like..ocean

This whole month has been go go go. it started of with the end of the semester, meaning finals. Then an hour after my last and hardest final we were on the plane to Hawaii for a week! It was so much fun ( except the six hour delay in San Diego) !!! we went to the beach everyday, ate weird fruits, shopped, tanned, went to water falls, snorkled and saw turtles, a mana ray, and a octopus, and the reason why we went-kasey and suli's wedding. it was the best way to end a semester. the wedding was beautiful, kasey was so pretty, suli was a stud in his brown suit, the weather was perfect and the food was great! i got to follow them around and keep kasey touched up and help them with their pictures. our very last day kirk got to FINALLY do what he was longing to... go surfing. he did pretty good with out knowing what to do! he caught a few waves and loved it. the best part was when he rented the his board and was walking back to the group he had the biggest grin on his face it was so cute! after a long flight through the night with 2 hours of sleep we got home did a load of laundry and headed to Snowflake. it was a shock from going to 80 degree weather to snow! we were not in the Christmas spirit our entire trip because it was too weird to listen to christmas music with our swim suits on! but we snapped back quickly and had a wonderful Christmas! now kirk is back to work and i have tell the 19th tell classes start.

kirk and i

Align Centerthe family

AKAKA falls

rope swing

turtle at black sand beach



well mik, Kasey beat me to the punch but there are many more wonderful events that have taken place in your life so im going to fill in the blanks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  1. remember wanting to make a balance beam out of a board in the wood pile and when we dug it out we were attached by wasps!
  2. now my dear Kasey it was 10 ex husbands not 9 and you forgot to mention some of their names! like, Tune it up baby- ok that's the only one i remember
  3. remember how you used to stand on your head all the time and could beat anyone at it
  4. remember tap dancing on the cupboards
  5. remember being "bit" by an ostrich- here is a action shot of it right after it happened i love your face!
6. remember crushing sand stones to make make-up
7. remember how you use to speak in a different a different language
8. ARE YOU LAUGHING AT MY BOSOMS?- with softballs stuffed up your shirt
9. remember your chicken leg dance
10. You are the best in our family at the WORM
11.remember losing your teeth in strange places; at church, at the swimming pool
12. remember when you use to play softball and you would be dancing in the out field
13. remember you and Raegan playing in the mud
14. remember when we got the same bikes except mine was orange and yours green
15. remember when you were a cheer leader
16. you are an awesome soccer player and so fun to watch you go up against girls twice your size and you push them around
17. remember when you me and Raegan all shared a room
18. you are an amazing snowboarder and i hope you have fun at your new job at sunrise!

i hope you have a wonderful day! happy 18th see you in HAWAII- love ya!


oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

i love our little Christmas tress its ALMOST 5 ft tall (ok more like 4- we had to go small so it would fit in the back seat of our car! plus also we are not going to be here for Christmas anyway) we had so much fun with all of Kirks family hunting and cutting down the best trees in the forest.
hooray for target i love their Christmas decorations