and here it is

I don't know why i do it. every semester the same. work my self up. cant sleep. cant eat. but they all turn out perfect in the end, after the tears and stress is gone. im trying not to get to worked up this time and today went well.. to say the least very smooth. The only thing different about this one is THIS IS THE ONE. the one where i have to get a finger print clearance card. the one where i must be CPR certified. the one i have to get shots. the one i have to take THE TEST. the one where i have to wait months to know if i made it. to know if all that i have worked so hard for has paid off. the only thing that makes me think i can do it is i don't need my classes this semester to apply so technically i can get C's and it wont effect anything but my pride. And we all know I am not gonna be able to let me self do that. Its a pleasant thought though. Hello Spring 2010 i greet you with apprehension and determination.
- on another note: i love the weather and wish it would keep on raining. its relaxing.

this ones for you kate


HaPpy BiRtHdAy

so its your birthday and i know your a little down and feeling like an old man so I'm gonna tell you the things that i love about you. hoping to brighten your day.

  1. i love how sweet you are.
  2. i love that you take such good care of me
  3. i love when you get excited about something

  4. i love when you pick me up in your arms

  5. i LOVE when you kiss my forehead

  6. i love your beautiful smile

  7. i love that you love kids and would rather be with them then any adult

  8. i love how gentle you are

  9. i love your wild side- although you are afraid of heights

  10. i love how competitive we are with each other- and can never let the other win

  11. i love that your such a tease

  12. i love how you always have to be holding my hands no matter how full they are

  13. i love how your such a hard worker- and can do anything and everything :P

  14. i love how protective you are- ya we have a pistol and cop baton beater stick thing with in arms reach of our bed

  15. i love when you sing to me

  16. i love that we can talk about anything... even cars your favorite subject

  17. i love how you always want to be with me

  18. i love how we cant be mad at each other

  19. i love you eyes and hope our kids will have them

  20. i love that we like to do the same things- except basketball

  21. i love how your good at everything you try

  22. i love that your so tall and can reach stuff i cant

  23. i love your sense of humor

  24. i love your big rough callused hands

  25. i love that you try to make me better

so i guess i kinda sorta LOVE you ALLOT. i hope you have a wonderful day and ill try to make it the best birthday you have ever had!