being grown up isnt half as fun as growing up

i am no longer a teenager! this weekend was so much fun. it started off with a bunch of my friends going to lunch Friday at cheese cake factory. i felt like an old lady doing lunch with her friends but we had a blast i miss everyone so much! then when Kirk got off work we headed home to Snowflake. Instead of going camping we decided to just stop on the rim and have a fire and cook tin foil dinners (my favorite). Saturday we were busy helping Kirks family with stuff around the house then later that evening had a cook out for my birthday. I was so excited my dad made me a cake like he did when we were little and peanut butter oreo ice cream! it was sooo cute!! he is the best! then we stayed up late watching movies. It was soo nice to get away for a weekend but now were back in reality, working and studying, and being happy.

I have the best dad

I had no idea what i wanted to put on my cake and it was Kirks brilliant idea to do my bug!

haha so i know this looks out of place but i finaly found my digital camra when we were in snowflake and i had some pictures on it i forgot about. i was in the process of picking out my dress and Raegan wanted to try some on too! so we played dress up! it was soo fun!!



  • kirk cut his hair
  • i cut my hair
  • we hung pictures
  • i survived two weeks of school
  • Kirk has an interview for a new job
  • we got 3 chairs from good will
  • we got a desk from good will that needs some TLC
  • we have been married over a month
  • I'm almost twenty! and we are going camping to celebrate
  • we are in love
( i love bullet points there so convenient when studying)

this was an accident... kirk was trimming is hair and asked me to do his neck line... i kinda slipped

although kirk will not admit it he likes me better with short hair, he kept hinting at me to cut it. he claimed it was short when he first fell in love with me so he loves it short.

we love our door! so we went a Little crazy with our wedding pictures but they are so amazing we couldn't help it

3 chairs for $9! i love half off Saturdays

oh we have plans for this ( but not a allot of room). so i confess I'm obsessed with going thrift store shopping (we go every other weekend for half off days.. or i just go when I'm bored) my next piece of furniture is going to be a book case.