HaPpy BiRtHdAy

so its your birthday and i know your a little down and feeling like an old man so I'm gonna tell you the things that i love about you. hoping to brighten your day.

  1. i love how sweet you are.
  2. i love that you take such good care of me
  3. i love when you get excited about something

  4. i love when you pick me up in your arms

  5. i LOVE when you kiss my forehead

  6. i love your beautiful smile

  7. i love that you love kids and would rather be with them then any adult

  8. i love how gentle you are

  9. i love your wild side- although you are afraid of heights

  10. i love how competitive we are with each other- and can never let the other win

  11. i love that your such a tease

  12. i love how you always have to be holding my hands no matter how full they are

  13. i love how your such a hard worker- and can do anything and everything :P

  14. i love how protective you are- ya we have a pistol and cop baton beater stick thing with in arms reach of our bed

  15. i love when you sing to me

  16. i love that we can talk about anything... even cars your favorite subject

  17. i love how you always want to be with me

  18. i love how we cant be mad at each other

  19. i love you eyes and hope our kids will have them

  20. i love that we like to do the same things- except basketball

  21. i love how your good at everything you try

  22. i love that your so tall and can reach stuff i cant

  23. i love your sense of humor

  24. i love your big rough callused hands

  25. i love that you try to make me better

so i guess i kinda sorta LOVE you ALLOT. i hope you have a wonderful day and ill try to make it the best birthday you have ever had!


Sandi said...

aww what a nice birthday post! i told him happy b.day on facebook but i'm thinking he doesn't get on there much. hope you managed to make it a great birthday for him :)

Jacob and Tiffany said...

Such a cute post! Happy Birthday Kirky!!

laurice. said...

awww..happy birthday!

Sandi said...

p.s. i love the bridge pic- I just wish we would have taken a couple so maybe we could have got one in better focus!

kasey kaufusi said...

happy birthday kirk! i also wrote him on facebook, and i also like the bridge picture! love ya