your so VEIN~

Amongst the craziness of March (5 midterms in a week, apply for the nursing program and a new job for kirk) we were able to make this ^ i LOVE it, and only 50 bucks- way cheaper and cuter then 200 bucks at hobby lobby- plus mine is bigger and my favorite color (the bottom picture is what the color really looks like) plus also im debating about adding hook on the sides or such as. I mean what girl wouldn't love a HUGE mirror- actually i think kirk spends more time in front of it then me.. i just wish i had a good place to put it. we cant wait to move. Im so glad that i have a handy man, we have LOTS of projects to get started but no room for the finished masterpieces. Kirk is not to excited but i have been inspired by "knock off wood" - check out her blog she is in my friends list there is so many cute things i cant wait to start! I am also excited to learn how to sew! I have soo much i want to make.. i dont know where we will find the time to accomplish all the things on my list... but im determined!


Sandi said...

I'm pretty sure you weren't kidding when you say Kirk spends more time in front of that than you do..haha.
Also, you have spending too much time reading medical stuff, because you wrote VEIN instead of Vain! haha time for Spring Break!

Christensens said...

duh mom that was on purpose